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YourTexasBenefits Login gives you access to the Your Texas Benefits portal. This portal is for those who have applied for SNAP Food and Health-care benefits, as well as TANF cash assistance.

A health authority is the Texas Social and Health Services Board. It serves the Texas health care and health system. It was established in 1991 by the Texas legislature. You can visit their official website at

Federal law requires that all parents receiving TANF and Medicaid benefits from Texas Health and Social Services have to work with the Attorney General in order to identify which parents are not in touch.

Certain types of Medicaid parents have the right to see the doctor. The money is paid to the Texas Department of Health and Welfare for family benefits, both federal and state Medicaid.

What are the Requirements for YourTexasBenefits Login?

If you wish to log in or apply online for your Texas Benefits Account, please consider these requirements.

  • YourTexasBenefits Login Official web address
  • Valid User ID and Password used.
  • Smart Device Such as ( Laptop or PC or smartphone or tablet) with reliable Internet access.
  • Learn to speak and understand the languages on the site.
  • To access MyTexasBenefits Account, you must be a US resident.

How do I MyTexasBenefits Login At

Follow the steps to log in to YourTexasBenefits.

  • Click on the “Login” link in the top menu.
Your Texas Benefits Login
  • Enter your login details such as Username, Password in the provide fields.
Your Texas Benefits Login
  • Click on the Login button.
  • You will be redirected directly to your email dashboard.

My Texas Benefits Registration Benefits

You can benefit from the following benefits by creating an account online on the official website:

  • You manage your case reports
  • Report on Change
  • It is possible to estimate the amount of the refund.
  • They verify the status of your services.
  • MyTexasBenefits allows you to extend your services

How do I Register Your Texas Benefits?

Your Texas Benefits requires that you create an account through :

To sign up, follow the steps below.

  • Then, click on the “Login” option.
Your Texas Benefits Login
Your Texas Benefits Login
  • Fill in your information such as:-

Personal information:-

  • First name, Last name, Date of birth & Sex.
Your Texas Benefits Login

Contact information:-

  • Phone number & Email address.
Your Texas Benefits Login

Address details:-

  • Enter the address, City, State & ZIP.
Your Texas Benefits Login

Confirm your identity:-

Enter confirm your identity Social Security number, leave this field blank.

Your Texas Benefits Login

Add your case (if you have one):-

  • Enter the Case number, EDG number and Medicaid or Individual number.
Your Texas Benefits Login
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to your email id. For future access, please save your username/password.
  • You can now login to your patient portal.

How do I Reset Your Texas Benefits Login Password?

These steps will help you reset your password if you forget it.

  • Click on the “Login” option.
Your Texas Benefits Login
  • There will be an option to reset your password or link to Forgot password?.
Your Texas Benefits Login
  • Click on the link to get your username.
Your Texas Benefits Login
  • Then, click on the “Next” button.
  • They will send you a link to reset your password via email.
  • You can also open the file and change your password.

How to Change the Your Texas Benefits Login username? It is now available

Follow these steps to retrieve your username in seconds.

Your Texas Benefits Login
Your Texas Benefits Login
  • Next, enter the details such as:-

Name:- First name, Last name

Address (line 1):- City, State, Zip Code

Personal Info:- Date of birth, Sex

Your Texas Benefits Login

For Verify:- Email address, Phone number SSN {Social Security number}, Case number, EDG number, Individual number.

Your Texas Benefits Login
  • Then, click on “Find User Name” tab.
  • A link will be sent to your email address to retrieve your password.
  • Follow this link to retrieve your username.
  • You will be able to retrieve your username in a matter of seconds after this process.

How do I apply without account for YourTexasBenefits Login?

These are the things you must do:

  • Then, click on the “Login” option in the top menu bar.
Your Texas Benefits Login
  • Then, click on “Apply without account” option.
Your Texas Benefits Login
Your Texas Benefits Login
  • Select the Apply option to select everything. Click Next to move on to the next step.
Your Texas Benefits Login
  • Select the option that interests you. These include TANF cash benefits and immediate food payments. 
  • Click Next to Get Started of these options.
  • Click Apply Now to continue the registration process for Texas Benefits.
  • Now you are done with the essential steps of Your Texas Benefits account. You can sign up easily.

How To Check Your YourTexasBenefits Application Status?

  • Then, click on Application Status option.
Your Texas Benefits Login
  • After that, Find application information in the provide fields.
  • Main contact (head of household) first name & Main contact (head of household) last name.
Your Texas Benefits Login
  • Application ID & Enter the text shown in the image.
Your Texas Benefits Login
  • Click on Find Application.

About YourTexasBenefits

Log in to YourTexasBenefits: Apply for Texas benefits with state-funded benefits. TANF, Medicaid and SNAP are just a few of the great benefits. These services are provided by Texas’ Health and Human Services Commission.

You only need to create an account at the Texas Benefits site. This account will allow you to check the status of your application and determine if you are eligible for benefits. This article will update all details about your Texas Benefits login.

Your Texas Benefits App

Download The Your Texas Benefits Android Mobile App:-

Google Play Store:-

Your Texas Benefits Login

App Store:-

Your Texas Benefits Login

YourTexasBenefits Phone Number

For help or questions with your HHSC benefits case or, call 2-1-1 or 1-877-541-7905. After you pick a language, press 2.

For help or questions about your Lone Star Card account,

Call 1-800-777-7328 (7EBT).

Your Texas Benefits Help Center

Direct Click this link:-

Your Texas Benefits Login

FAQs Of YourTexasBenefits

What information is required to submit a request?

You should be prepared to share information about:

You can get money from other sources and jobs

Everybody who applies for Social Security Numbers and Birth Dates

You pay bills like rent, mortgage, gas, electric and sewage.

The price of the items you buy or sell, such as cars, money in bank accounts, stocks and so on.

You get or pay child support money

Information about health insurance

Do I have to complete the entire application online?

If you are filling out the application for yourself, or for someone else (an authorized representative), we can accept electronic signatures (e-signature).

We must mail the application to sign if you are filling out the application on behalf of someone else. This will be sent directly to the head of household.

What happens to my application after I’m done?

We will receive your application at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. We will review your application to determine if you are eligible for any benefits.

We will contact you if we have any questions.

Register online for paperless or online alerts if you already have an account. You will receive a text message and an email letting you know that you can access your benefits online.

We’ll mail you a letter if we discover what benefits you might be eligible for if you don’t have an account.

If we have enough information, but you are denied health care benefits, we will forward your information to federal Health Insurance Marketplace. They will let you know if they can provide benefits. For more information about the Marketplace, visit Or call toll-free at 1-800-318-2596.

Which date is used to calculate my first month’s benefit?

Some benefits, such as SNAP food benefits benefits, will base the amount for the first month on the date we receive the name, address, and signature of the head household member.

What assistance can I receive?

Visit to learn more about state programs and other assistance. You can also call 2-1-1 (or 877-541-7955) after you select a language and press 1.

Call 7-1-1 or 800-735-2989 if you’re deaf, hard-of-hearing, or speech impaired.

Here are some of the services that you can find out about:

Food banks

Family violence programs

Senior services

Legal assistance


Find a job

Assistance with water, gas and electric bills

Planning for family


How can I report fraud, abuse or waste of HHSC benefits

If you think someone is misusing HHSC benefits, call 800-436-6184 or visit

How can I view or print a copy my application?

After you submit your application, you can view, print, or save a copy.

Also, make sure to write down your application ID in order to check the status of you application.

A copy of your application can be requested by mail, fax or phone at 2-1-1 (or 877-541-7905). After you pick a language, press 1.


You can’t request a refund or view the status of a restricted account. You must upgrade to a full-access account in order to take advantage of the other benefits offered by this site. You can always access your account via YourTexasBenefits later.


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