Xiaomi 13 battery life will outclass Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max: Lei Jun

Xiaomi 13 is already making huge claims that could be a concern for the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max! The flagship Xiaomi smartphone line-up will be revealed to China on the 1st of December. the company’s founder Lei Jun has revealed some of the most important features in Xiaomi 13. Xiaomi 13.

Jun in his blog post discusses concern about the phone’s form aspect rather than focusing on battery life, but he assures that the Xiaomi 13 will have enough endurance to outlast even the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max over a long period of usage. A graph was posted to demonstrate the improvement in battery life.

Xiaomi 13 Xiaomi 13 will come with an impressive 4700mAh battery that is more than iPhone 14 Pro Max. iPhone 14 Pro Max. A battery life test was conducted among the top flagship phones made by Apple, Samsung and Huawei with Xiaomi 13 came out on top. Xiaomi 13 topped the chart with a rating of 1.37. This is significantly higher then the scores 1.28 1.28 which was achieved by the iPhone 14 Pro Max managed to attain.

We have a good idea of the battery’s capacity.

Xiaomi 13

He stated that he was more concerned about the actual battery’s life span and also the dimensions and thickness that the phone has, not the capacity of the battery. However, there was one important detail in his report, which is that the base Xiaomi 13 model Xiaomi 13 will have a capacity of 4500 mAh.

Lei Jun specifically highlighted the durability of the model that is smaller and quickly confirmed this with data, after the battery was submitted to a DOU life test. The base Xiaomi 13 Xiaomi 13 scored 1,37 which is higher than iPhone 14 Pro Max, which scores 1,28.

Superior durability over iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhones particularly their Max versions, have always been among the top when it comes to battery longevity. Is it likely that Xiaomi 13 could beat it? It is interesting to note that it is the iPhone 14 Pro Max model comes with a capacity of 4 mAh.


Xiaomi will launch the Xiaomi 13 series on December 1st 2022, at 7 pm China hour (4:30 at 5:00 pm IST).

Lei Jun, the CEO and the founder of Xiaomi posted a lengthy message on Weibo in which he claimed that Xiaomi 13’s battery will be better than Apple iPhone 14 Pro.

It’s a vanilla model that comes with an capacity of 4,700mAh and 120W fast charging capability.

Xiaomi 13 Series is Out on December 1st

This has been an amazing year for electronic gadgets, and there are the top models for 2022 which have already been loved by all and all, and there are many more coming to be released.

When Apple released its iPhone 14 series in September of 2022. Google unveiled its newly-launched Pixel 7 series the following month. Samsung will launch the Samsung S23 Ultra early in the beginning of 2023.

In between the two Xiaomi is scheduled to be unveiling the Xiaomi 13 series on December 1st 2022 China at 7PM during an event that will be which will be hosted by the company and will be attended by numerous high-profile dignitaries.

Xiaomi 13 Expected Specifications

According to the sources, Xiaomi 13 series will feature the 6.2 inches 2K AMOLED screen. It will also have 120Hz refresh rate. It will run on the most recent Snapdragon 8 Generation 2 processor. It will also feature one storage option, namely. 12GB RAM/256GB internal and is expected to be larger.

The battery’s capacity will be 4,700mAh and will be equipped with 120W fast-charging support and a USB Type-C port and the optics will include an IMX8-series Sony rear camera sensor , which includes optical image stabilizer (OIS) and finally the 32MP camera on the front for taking selfies.


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