WWE 2K23 Predicted Release Date News

WWE 2K23 Release Date & Cover Star Predictions WWE fans have been looking forward to WWE 2K23 to drop for some time. The previous version of this game described by fans as one of the best titles in the WWE franchise. The game’s features were praised as fresh which led to a greater excitement for the next game.

WWE 2K23 Predicted Release Date

If WWE 2K23 is a follow-up to this model then expect it to release prior to WrestleMania 39. That is scheduled for the 10th of March in 2023. That’s three weekends prior to the show at Los Angeles.

WWE 2K23 is yet to be confirmed, however there’s no doubt that the next few months will be filled with information. In the meantime, the producers will update WWE 2K22 with patches in order to keep fans entertained. But, a lot has changed within the wrestling industry over the past year. So, they’ll be aware that they need to release the most recent title before the fans get bored.

WWE 2K23 has plenty of hype surrounding it due to the positive reaction to WWE 2K22. WWE will want to maintain that momentum and not repeat the WWE 2K20-related issue that, if you didn’t realize was probably their worst title in the last few years.

WWE 2K23 Predicted Release Date News

The current WWE CO-CEO Stephanie McMahon is someone who is excited about the release of the game. After the great success of the game 2022 She praised the creators for creating a fantastic product, and was sure to mention the favorable reviews the game received.

Pre-Order, Platforms, Price and the Reveal Trailer

We’ll likely hear about this WWE 2K23 release date along with a myriad of other details, such as confirmation of the platforms, pricing and the beginning of pre-orders.

We anticipate WWE 2K23 to follow the same pricing model as the previous installment, with The Standard Edition at $59.99 on Past Gen (PS4, Xbox One PC) and $69.99 on Current Gen (Xbox Series X|S and PS5).

It’s possible that they’ll look into an Nintendo Switch version this time too, however at present, there aren’t specific indications of what’s currently in development.

The information including the pre-order launch date are likely to arrive alongside the major trailer for the reveal of the game.

This NBA 2K franchise typically launches in September. The announcements usually confirming things in July, which is about two months before launch.

Gaming Modes as well as New Features

All of the top gameplay modes of WWE 2K22 are expected to be back which include MyGM, MyRISE, Universe Mode and The 2K Showcase.

MyGM expanded following the release of WWE 2K22, so we anticipate that this process will continue running with the hope that next year will have the MyGM option that lasts for a lifetime instead of being restricted to 50 weeks or less.

MyRISE had a great time with the story mode they picked this year, and we’re expecting a similar game mode that will feature new stories that follow the same storylines that branch as well as side quests like with WWE 2K22.

We’re hoping that, unlike the previous games in the WWE series, WWE 2K23 will not be delayed and will be released with the same amount of hype and fanfare as WWE 2K22 did. WWE 2K22 was not with no flaws, and should therefore hopefully allow the creators and producers sufficient time to address these issues prior until WWE 2K23’s official release.

It is likely that WWE 2K23 will continue to introduce some of the elements that become well-known within WWE games, such as the brand-new showcase mode, as well as a new roster.


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