Will Electric Cars Kill AM Radio?

While electric cars might be an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly futuremobile, their rise could have a surprising unintended consequence: the death of radio.

The Tesla Model X and BMW i3 are two popular electric cars that have decided to ditch terrestrial AM radio. This is because the electromagnetic noise from their electric motors interferes with broadcast reception. It also causes static, as Music 3.0 pointed out recently.

An interference problem caused by EV motors is causing AM bands to be blocked from electric vehicle dashboards. Radio over 5G might be a solution.

An interference problem caused by EV motors is causing AM bands to be blocked from electric vehicle dashboards. Radio over 5G might be a solution.


Rich Stern, TuneIn CEO, stated that the service has 100,000 radio stations and other oddities like audio from Jeopardyand other television channels. This is one way TV sports fans who don’t have to pay for it can still get their game coverage. Stern stated that radio is still a vital medium. “The average listener tunes for 4.5 hours per day, which blows Netflix out the water,” Stern said.

Electric motors have been an AM radio static source since the beginning of electronics. The EV’s are powered by an electric motor, a rechargeable battery and a frequency converter. This converts the voltage to control how much power the motors produce. It basically cuts up energy. The radio picks up electromagnetic interference caused by this process.

Will Electric Cars Kill AM Radio?

Radio AM has always been more vulnerable to static than its counterpart on the dial. Amplitude modulation (AM) refers to the way that radio waves’ heights are modified over time in order to encode information. FM, on the other hand, modifies the speed of the radio waves. Amplitude modulation, and not frequency, can be affected by the electrical noise emitted from gadgets such as smartphones, TVs and computers, vacuum cleaners, and hairdryers. AM signals are susceptible to distortion and crackling.

This crackle is apparently not compatible with luxury brands of automobiles. Rebecca Kiehne, a spokesperson for BMW, told me that electric motors can interfere with AM and BMW therefore decided to eliminate this option. It could be offered but BMW’s performance standards for products are extremely high. We don’t offer any product that falls below those standards.


Dave Buchko, Lucid’s spokesperson, stated that “We aren’t using TuneIn to replace radio broadcasts.” All Lucid Air North America offers both FM and AM. We have IHeartRadio and the app. We also have Spotify, Tidal, and we recently announced a partnership to SiriusXM. We will continue to work to improve the car experience on long road trips.

Stern stated that TuneIn’s goal was to “take broadcast radio to the next stage, making it global as well as satellite-smart.” TuneIn believes in the long tail. It was a bit too much for me but not fatal. TuneIn’s interface was designed for tablets and allows users to search by country, genre, or language. Stern stated that the platform is ad-supported, but the entire range of non-commercial radio stations is available as a public service.

Are musicians paid by TuneIn? They are paid the same as music publishers and regular broadcast radio listeners. Stern stated that the good news is that Stern and his radio model have worked for over a century.

Will Electric Cars Kill AM Radio?
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Radio aggregators are stations that offer downloadable apps you can use anywhere. You can access hundreds of stations, including music, news, and talk, with free Radio Player Live for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Radio.net is another. Radio.net also offers AM broadcasts that can be streamed online and simulcast in HD FM.

Stern stated that Joel Stern, his father-in law, relied on a local audience for The Great American Songbook broadcasts on app-enabled WMOR, Provincetown, Massachusetts. Stern stated that Stern’s outlook was changed when he discovered he had listeners from all over the globe.

Advertising is TuneIn’s main revenue stream. In 2020, TuneIn switched to Google and adopted Ad Manager Audio programmatic advertising.

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