Where to Buy Cassie Euphoria Clothes

Euphoria’s devastation storylines aside, the costuming choices have also been a draw for audiences. You aren’t the only one who has been searching for Euphoria outfits since the premiere of the new season. The stylized makeup looks were the main focus of season one of the HBO hit series. But, season two seems to have moved the spotlight to fashion.

Season one had plenty of #fashun content, but season 2 has more. Fashion is not only being promoted this season, but it’s sometimes even helping to advance the plot. Just look at Cassie’s clever sartorial moves to grab Nate’s eye or Maddy’s dress-ups at her house.

Euphoria fans have a tendency to create theories about the characters’ stories, analyze potential foreshadowing, and conduct behind-the scenes interviews after each episode. Some fans also enjoy analyzing the character’s outfits as a way to distract from the show’s heavier topics, especially when we get closer to the finale.

We thought it would be fun to examine the fashion choices of the characters and give them the most important grades. (For entertainment, of course!) We’re going to look at the most memorable fashion moments of Cassie, Maddy and Lexi during Euphoria’s second season. We will also grade them based on wearability, affordability and styling. Let’s get ready for a rumble!

Cassie wears a Frankies Bikinis wrap-around swimsuit for $180 during the famous bathtub scene. Although it isn’t the most cost-effective, it’s not prohibitive. It also doesn’t cost too much so it’s easy for anyone to afford it. The “fit” is definitely “a choice,” Kat said, but no one can deny that Sydney Sweeney looked amazing in it, yes, even while throwing out. Although this piece was not the most comfortable, and we won’t even go into the possible tan lines it could have caused, it served its purpose.

Where to Buy Cassie Euphoria Clothes

Tag for the Best Friend with Zink Coleman and Zendaya

Wearability: Most likely -10000/10 — unless Queen Sydney Sweeney is yours.

Affordability: 3/10

Styling: 10/10 pre-puke, 5/10 post-puke.

Overall Grade: B

It’s not accurate to say that Cassie’s Euphoria outfits are my obsession. Really, I’m obsessed with Cassie’s outfits when she’s in her pretending-to-be-Maddie era–so am I obsessed with her style, or Maddie’s? Season 2 Episode 7 was more than Lexie’s drama-filled play. We were able to admire not just one, but two amazing shoes Cassie has inspired me to purchase.

If you haven’t yet binge-watched this episode, I’ll skip the spoilers to get straight to the fashion. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen Cassie lean more and more into Maddie’s edgier style, and her immitation-as-the-opposite-of-flattery reached epic proportions this week as she strutted down the runway (I mean, the high school hallway) with stick-straight strands, a classic Maddie eyeliner look and a Barbie pink ‘fit that showed off legs, cleavage and waist.

But she was serving, but before I noticed anything, I noticed her shoes. The Steve Madden Twice Pink Patent Mary Janes she wore were absolutely adorable.


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