The Most Crowdsourced Hotel – Oculis Lodge

The Oculis Lodge is the perfect place for you if you want to live your camping dreams and connect with nature. Oculis Lodge, located between Seattle and Vancouver, is close to Mount Baker in the Cascades. Each dome is set on seven acres of undeveloped land and comes with all the amenities you would expect from a hotel.

Each dome measures 700 feet square and is made of recycled concrete and reclaimed timber. The domes use half the energy required to heat and cool due to their airform construction. This means that you can have a great vacation and feel good about how the lodge has impacted the environment.

The one-bedroom domes come with a king-sized bed and two queen-sized beds in the loft. The oculus is a 15-foot skylight that provides amazing opportunities for stargazing. Every dome has a telescope that guests can use to view the night sky. Guests can shop the lodge’s online store to get fresh organic fruits and veggies before they arrive.

You can also enjoy the outdoors in many ways. Each dome includes an outdoor patio that can be used for exercise, a fire pit, a jacuzzi and sauna. It is close to Mount Baker, making it an ideal place to stay for those who love to ski, hike, bike or cycle.

The Most Crowdsourced Hotel - Oculis Lodge

The Cascade Mountains’ Ultimate Nature-Immersive Lodging Experience

Oculis Lodge is the ideal place to book your next vacation. It allows you to enjoy nature at its best without having to sacrifice comfort.

A 1 bedroom dome designed for short-term rentals

Smart home technology

Sleeps up to 6 people

Complete privacy

Constructed with recycled and environmentally-friendly materials

Luxurious amenities

Private sauna and jacuzzi

Conveniently situated near mountain activities


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