The Best Cyber Monday E-bike & Electric Scooter Offers

There is nothing more liberating, lets you go further and is more sustainable than Micro-Mobility. I’ve been trying these products for a while currently, and I switch back and forth about what I like best of them, whether it’s scooters, e-bikes or single-wheeled devices (Onewheel, EUCs). However, I do prefer these over public transportation.

Electric scooters and ebikes continue to gain popularity as more people learn about the enjoyment and ease of this mode of transport. We’ve tried all the models listed below. Some of them are among our top picks for electric scooters and e-bikes.

The most affordable electric bike and e-scooter bargains on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Electric scooters and electric bikes are among the most well-known forms of personal electric mobility.

This year , there are amazing sales at the top stores, and I’ve browsed the marketplace to find the most effective options.

Below is a comprehensive listing of the best electric bicycles and e-scooters sales on Black Friday 2021.

I’ve also made a video version of the sales listing, if you’d like checking that out further below.

Okay, let’s dive in to the sales. In no particular order, below are the e-bikes and e-scooters sales I’ve seen:

Lectric Bikes Lectric XP 2.0

I am awestruck by the look of my Lectric XP 2.0 e-bike, that I’ve outfitted using the accessory kit that can give it incredible cargo-carrying capability.

The 28-mph fat-tire folding bicycle is usually priced at $999 but is currently on sale at $949.Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes started early with its Black Friday campaign in late October.

One of the best parts of the Seattle-based company’s current sale is the possibility to purchase the RadRover 6 Plus for $500 price reduction. It’s an excellent off-road or trail bike to use for exploring the outdoors beyond the newly paved road. There’s also a discount of $300 of RadCity 5 Plus. RadCity 5 Plus. It could make an excellent commuter bike if you’re not riding on asphalt.

Its RadRover 6 Plus is one of the brand’s most recent e-bikes. It has included a variety of new features to the brand that include dual digital displays and improved brakes with hydraulic discs.

The RadRunner 2 model, which is among the top utility e-bikes available and has inspired many models, is discounted from by $250 to $1,249. It’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen on this model since it was updated.

Its RadExpand 5 is also on sale for only $100 making the folding utility bike much more accessible to cyclists.

awesome power bikes

Lectric eBikes

Based in Phoenix, Lectric eBikes recently launched a very upgraded version of their most popular electric bike, The Lectric XP 3.0.

The folding e-bike is among of the most affordable electric bikes available today absolutely. It has speeds that range from to 28 miles per hour (though it is programmed to run 20 mph straight out of the box, but with the ability to open the speed higher via the display on the board). There are two batteries available to extend the range of the bike and the bike comes with a brand new motor and larger rear rack to carry two riders.

Lectric XP 3.0 Lectric XP 3.0 carries an MSRP of $1,099 but it’s currently offered at $999. This sale also includes a set of parts that are free including a free lock as well as a headlight upgrade, a bigger and more comfortable seats as well as suspension seat posts.

The cargo package as well as the passenger package are reduced and this is a great opportunity to include them in your purchase if you’re looking to save a few bucks.

It’s also a great occasion to take a look at Lectric’s Lectric XP Lite as well that retails at just $799 , and comes with several additional accessories no cost as part of the bundle for Black Friday.

Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes has some awesome offers on almost every bike they make. It’s worth looking through on the sale page for what deals might be of interest to you.

The most impressive of them are the renowned RipRacer electric bike being reduced to $999 and the HyperScorpion discounted to $1,999. Both of these deals will are saving the user hundreds on top-quality electric bikes.

Juiced is famous for its electric bikes with greater performance levels to provide more enjoyable rides. Both models are sure to bring a joy to you. Enjoy taking the bugs off your teeth!


Ride1Up offers a variety of sales on e-bikes throughout its entire range of electric bicycles for urban usage. You can browse the complete list here.

If you’re looking for some of the best bargains make sure to check out the 250 off 500 Series deal, which reduces the bike to just $1145. You can also get $400 off the Ride1Up LMT’D which lowers that model to $1,495.

Save $250 off the 895 Roadster V2 is also a bargain and so is the discount of $250 off the Core 5 for $945.

If you’re looking for an efficient and comfortable cruiser electric bike that can also carry an additional rider Don’t forget to check out this Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser available for sale for just $350 which brings the price lower to just $1,245.

We’ve tested nearly all of the e-bikes in Ride1Up’s range and the overall focus is on high-quality, top-quality urban electric bikes that cost more than what you’d find at every big retailer.

Ride1up cafe cruiser electric bike


Biktrix offers sales of up to $1,000 off of some of its most famous electric bikes.

It is a Canadian electric bike manufacturer is well-known all over North America for a series of fat tire and commuter electric bikes.

With a range of budget-friendly hub motor e-bikes as well as robust mid-drive options, Biktrix offers an e-bike that is suitable for nearly anyone.


Aventon’s OG electric bikes are currently on an offer of $300 off in conjunction with the firm’s Early Black Friday festivities. Its Aventon Level V1 is marked down to $ 1,499 (compared to the newer model which retails at $1,949).

The Aventon Soltera currently starts at $999 for the single-speed model it’s a great opportunity to buy a premium commuter electric bike for less than just a few dollars.

We’ve been awestruck for a long time by the quality of the construction of Aventon’s electric bikes. They’ve also added some fantastic features, like frame-integrated lights and a new app for the majority of their bikes, their OG models are just as great as we thought they would at the time we looked at the bikes. They can also help you save money.


A different, super-light and comfortable folding electric bike is manufactured by Carbo that offers an offer of $500 off and free shipping starting today on Black Friday.

Seth Weintraub from Electrek’s own team tested an earlier version from the Carbo and was impressed by the performance of the bike, especially when you consider its light-weight package.

Many e-bikes of today appear to be the cookie-cutter designs of their counterparts, Carbo has innovated with their own unique design which is evident when you get on the bike.

It’s not just available at a lower price, you’ll also get many free accessories at that price. For the duration of this sale Lectric Bikes is throwing an upgraded saddle with suspension seat post, high-end headlight, along with the Lectric Bikes folding lock.

Cyber Monday deals bring high-end top-quality outdoor gear to a price that is affordable. This includes all kinds of bikes. No matter if you’re searching for an electric bike that will meet your needs for commuters or something more traditional for hitting the trails the trails on, this Black Friday bike deals cover every aspect of your needs. From deals of Serial 1 e-bikes to discounts on folding Brompton bikes to bargains on performance-oriented GT mountain bike, you’ll find something to suit everyone in these holiday bicycle deals. Don’t only shop for yourself. If you are truly in love with somebody, a bike is an excellent gift for the holidays, especially when the price of the bike is significantly reduced.


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