SHARGEEK: First 67W Powerful Charger with a Display

Chargers are among the most used technology that we use in our lives. We utilize them to charge our phones, computers and even headphones. You might think that the look of a device that we use often ought to be improved? Shargeek has a unique approach to combining iconic design elements with the latest technology, has created a brand new product with that same idea in the back of their minds. Here is the only 67W Macintosh charger that has an LCD display for power.

The first Shargeek 67W Macintosh created charger with power display

This Shargeek Macintosh charger is ideal If you love retro-inspired designs. This company was founded to raise money on Indiegogo in the past has reached its goal and started the manufacturing process. It’s called the Retro 67. Retro 67 has the same appearance as the legendary Apple computer Macintosh. It comes with a live display of power output, and the digital rain displays the state of charge.

First 67W Powerful Charger with a Display

Additionally, the Macintosh-styled charger is as enthralling in its capabilities as it is in its design. Its Retro 67 features 3 Type-C ports that can support a variety of Fast Charging protocols such like PD3.0, QC3.0, SCP/FCP, Apple 2.4 and more. The charger works with the most recent MacBook Air (M2) and fully charged in just under 2 hours.

The charger comes with the in-built APS (Active Protecting System) detecting temperatures of the product at 180,000 per hour to ensure security. With Retro 67 it is not necessary to be concerned about safety when charging. Furthermore the company doesn’t shy away from being compared to its competitors. On the page for products you will find a page which outlines the strengths and features of Shargeek are compared with other models.

On the back , there are three USB-C ports. Each of which can deliver an individual 67W of power. If two ports are being used the user will receive 15W or 20W or 45W to these ports, based on which ports are being utilized. However, it’s not certain which port 15W will be used for each port that’s occupied, or is split among two ports. If all three ports are in use three ports, the top two are provided with 15W (again the question of whether they are individually or in combination isn’t clear) while the bottom port providing 45W of power.

It is possible to use the Retro 67 can also be equipped with a range of adapters for travel that can be purchased separately. There are versions that work with U.K., Australian, and EU plugs, which can be helpful for travel to foreign countries. Although we’re not able to say if it’s the most effective MacBook Pro accessories yet, it’s certainly worth looking into especially if you frequently travel.

SHARGEEK First 67W Powerful Charger with a Display

We must admit that it’s odd to charge your current gadgets with a charger that is shaped as a classic from the past. However, while the Macintosh 128K clearly has an design inspiration however, Retro 67 Retro 67 also confusingly draws upon The Matrix, a film that was released just 15 years after the first Mac had its first impact. It’s evident in the bright green numbers falling down on the display of the Retro 67. Although it’s an interesting effect it’s possible that Shargeek might be better off sticking to one design for the charger.

The Shargeek Retro 67 power adapter is currently being backed by Indiegogo which has surpassed the (comically low) goal of $20,000 HKD that’s about $2,575 USD. The company claims to start shipping the charger in March 2023.

At the moment, a Retro 67 is priced at $302 HKD and $39. U.S., down from the usual rate of $80. This price is greater than Apple’s 67W charging device, which retails at $59. It’s probably the cost of nostalgia.


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