ROIDMI EVA Self-Cleaning and Cleaning Robot Vacuum

Although there are numerous robot vacuum cleaners on the market, you can always find a new brand and model every quarter. The latest release will always be larger and more efficient. This is true for ROIDMI EVA. It’s not just a basic vacuum cleaner. This one is able to vacuum, mop as well as self-empty and self-clean. It’s full-on automation! it’s almost the complete package and you can purchase it today.

The first thing to note: when I opened the package, I was astonished to find by the fact that it was massive and heavy. Contrary to other vacuum cleaners that have slick packaging and pieces which you must assemble yourself, this is a fully assembled unit. When you remove it from the packaging the item is ready for use. It doesn’t require assembly.

The setup process is simple. The base station is connected to the outlet and turn it on. The mops and brush are already connected to the cleaner which means you just need to turn it up (by press the middle power button) and put it inside the base station. You can also use the Home button for it to go back into the station by itself.

ROIDMI EVA Self-Cleaning and Cleaning Robot Vacuum

Roidmi Eva Features

Roidmi is well-known for its high-quality vacuum cleaners. The Roidmi EVA follows the policies of high-quality and efficiency. Roidmi Eva ships with a powerful suction motor that is 3200Pa in power and 3 cleaning modes. 12N mopping that allows for quick drying.

Its robot Vacuum cleaner is adequate for cleaning itself and emptying automatically. It is able to clean effectively with 360deg of all-round scanning.

Smart Control

The user is able to control the robot vacuum using Virtual assistants such as Alexa or Google. But, a separate app is available for complete control.

Effective Cleaning

Roidmi Eva has a huge dust collection duct that can last for more than 60 days. It’s a 3-in-1 Sweep Mop since it is able to automatically Sweep and Mop in addition to performing self-cleaning and self-emptying, and include smart Mop drying technology. This article will explain each feature of this 3-in-1 robot Vacuum:

Automatic Separation Roidmi Eva is home to a huge 4L dual tank of water. Clean water gets separated from the dirty water to provide effective cleaning.

Self-Cleaning: Vacuum cleaner goes back to its base station to clean the mop that is dirty. Cleaning creates a mop that is more potent in antibacterial.

Self-Emptying – The large dust collection duct is large enough to hold dust over up to 60 consecutive days. It’s an antibacterial dust bag that eliminates 99.9 percent of the bacteria that live there and is odor-free.

Auto Drying Vortex stong wind provides quick drying and eliminates dust, odor and odors and dirt from your mop.

When you have filled the tank with clean water, it is necessary to connect your device to the app to have complete control throughout its features. The user connects first to the Roidmi Eva Vacuum using Virtual Assistants following the application’s setup.

Roidmi Eva Robot vacuum offers three different cleaning modes to ensure efficient cleaning. We will go over each one below:

Mopping and Vacuuming Mode In this mode the Robot Vacuum will automatically detour if the carpet or obstruction is found while sweep or vacuuming.

Vacuuming Mode: This mode allows for automatic cleaning using pressurized air, even for carpets.

Mopping Mode It provides an automated mopping service over the greased kitchen floor.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Power is 65W
  • Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
  • Charging Time 4H
  • OverCome Obstacles height 20mm
  • Base Station: Tank Capacity 4L (Water Tank) and 4L (Waste Water Tank).
  • Dust Capacity for COllection 3L
  • Maximum Suction: 3200Pa
  • Endurance: 220min

ROIDMI EVA Self-Cleaning and Cleaning Robot Vacuum Pro And Cons


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Can vacuum and mop at the same time
  • Large water tank and dustbin
  • Can self empty and self clean


  • Self-emptying process can be quite loud
  • Needs constant refill of water for the water tank

The extremely powerful Roidma Eva is now available through the IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign for the price of a discount. But, the price will increase once the product is launched. It’s surprising that you can be able to get an amount of $50 Amazon gift voucher when you purchase the product.


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