Pamu Slide 2 – World’s Best ANC Earbuds

Padmate has finally brought back the Pamu Slide series after two years of hard work. This new, upgraded version of the legend is called Pamu Slide 2. The new, upgraded version of our legendary earphones is now available. Don’t forget to support us in making our latest campaign the best and most successful ever.

The unboxing of the Pamu Slide 2 was easy. It is as simple as most gadget packaging. The Pamu Slide 2 includes interchangeable ear tips and a drawstring pouch to transport them. It also contains the earbuds, a USB C-to-USB-A cable and the charging case. The carrying case for the Pamu Slide 2 may be the most striking piece of Padmate’s design language. It is massive, to put it another way.

The case was designed to look like a camera and a vinyl record. It is thicker than other cases and larger than any of the others I have seen while reviewing earbuds at The Sypnotix. Although the case’s physical design is attractive, it makes it difficult to carry my earbuds around in my bag or purse all day. I use summer to rotate into a small, single-pocket purse that can hold my wallet, phone and hand sanitizer.

The Legend of Crowdfunding. Now Upgraded

The legend behind crowdfunding has been updated.

Two years after the launch Indiegogo’s legendary Pamu Slide crowdfunding campaign that set a new Indiegogo record for headphones, Padmate is proud announce the Pamu Slide 2.

Pamu Slide 2 is just like its predecessor. It features super-comfortable, “Never Fall Out” earbuds and powerful bass.

Pamu Slide 2 - World's Best ANC Earbuds

What’s new in Pamu Slide 2?

  • Smaller size;
  • Active noise cancellation;
  • App controls;
  • Lower latency time

Many of the same features are found in many other products

The Pamu Slide 2 has Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. It’s a smooth experience for a fast and efficient connection. The pairing process is quick and easy. I have never had any problems connecting my Slide 2 earbuds with a laptop or mobile phone. Padmate uses an algorithm to detect when you use the Slide 2 to talk to improve the sound quality. It’s amazing how clear my voice sounds. The other person who I called for feedback didn’t notice any difference in the sound of my voice when I switched between the Slide 2 and the other earbuds I had in my drawer.

The Pamu Slide 2 also features active noise cancellation (ANC). It can be switched on/off by pressing and holding the right-hand earbud. These earbuds have a great ANC rating. I can see them being used in a metro area or subway station. Many earbuds advertise ANC but few of them actually use it. This feature has been integrated into Padmate’s most expensive products with noticeable results. This is a solid mid-range ANC product with up to 42dB.

The Pamu Slide 2 also features ANC and 10mm drivers, which help to maintain a strong and powerful bass. Although some earbuds have a deeper sound than the Pamu Slide 2’s, it is difficult to find earphones with good mids and highs. This is exactly what the Pamu Slide 2 does. No matter what podcast or music you listen to, these earbuds can find a strong middle ground between the sounds. The audio is rich and balanced for an earbud standard.

Touchscreen Function

It’s wonderful to live in a world that allows me to use my earbuds with touch functionality. Slide 2 has the Slide 2 feature that allows you to control the playback of any track. This was a major flaw in the original version. You can also pick up and hangup calls, adjust volume and activate voice assistance. This is the perfect amount of touch functions that earbuds need. Too many touch functions can make it difficult and lead to users entering incorrect motions. I believe that the only thing necessary is to have the essentials organized in a coherent manner. Early bird pricing for the Pamu Slide 2 is $79. This price range is not necessarily high-end, but it’s still a lot more than the $49 at which the original Slide was sold. Padmate now faces a lot of competition. Although there are some improvements that I like, I’m not sure if they are enough for the Pamu Slide 2 to be different from other products in this price range. The touch functions of the Pamu Slide 2 are great. However, I think the price at $79 for the early bird and then the final retail price of $159 is a bit high.

Enjoy Superior Sound Quality

Enjoy the music you love more with 10mm dynamic drivers.

Titanium, on the other side of the sound spectrum, produces crystal-clear high-frequency sounds.

PEN also makes the lows and mids feel fuller and more natural.

Pamu Slide 2 can play medium and low frequencies with a 10-mm sound device that has been fine-tuned by acoustic professionals.

Pamu is the crowdfunding record-breaker because of its DSP noise cancelling technology, which filters out background noise and produces crystal-clear sound.

Pamu Slide 2 - World's Best ANC Earbuds

Great battery life

It can be very frustrating to find your earbuds dead. Since I received them, the battery life of my Pamu Slide 2 has been great. Padmate claims that the Slide 2 can provide 26 hours of listening and six more hours with the case. This is an enormous improvement on the 10 hours that the original Slide was able to listen for. To charge your device, just place your earbuds in the case and either plug it into the USB-C port with the supplied cable or plug it into a Qi charger. Wireless charging is great as it allows me to drop the device on my desk while I work. The case has an LED bar light at the bottom that emits a moving beam to indicate the charge level. The battery life of all Padmate products has been excellent so far at The Sypnotix. The Slide 2 is no exception. Although I recommend charging your case every other day in case of an emergency, the Slide 2 earbuds are still reliable and can withstand many hours of listening.

It will be supported by you

Padmate has launched their Indiegogo campaign for the Slide 2 at the time of writing this review. You can back them on the crowdfunding site for $79 and then eventually sell at a MSRP of $159. It’s great to see Padmate trying out different shapes and designs on the Slide 2. Although I don’t like the new carrying case because it is bulky, I love brands trying out new designs. Although the Slide 2 isn’t revolutionary in an already stagnant earbud market, it’s a significant improvement over its predecessor in terms of battery life, touch features, and battery life. The $79 price tag is a little high considering that Padmate has more competition in the budget earbud market. To make the Slide 2 stand out from its competitors, it would be great to have more features or a better-built material. The Pamu Slide 2 is a great choice if you are looking for long-lasting, reliable earbuds that will last.


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