Lordstown EV Trucks Begin to Arrive, but How Many More Will Be Made in 2023?

Lordstown Motors, a commercial electric vehicle startup, has announced that it has begun production of its first model. It is the Endurance pickup.

The company, which is in financial trouble, claims it has already built two pickups and will soon finish a third. According to a Thursday statement, the company plans to increase production depending on parts availability and quality. Lordstown anticipates delivering 50 trucks this year and up to 450 in the first half 2023, if it can raise sufficient capital.

The trucks will be built at an old General Motors small car assembly plant in Lordstown (Ohio), near Cleveland. It was bought last year by Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group. This is the largest electronic maker in the world. Lordstown said it would look to Foxconn Technology Group and other partnerships for new capital.

CEO Edward Hightower stated that “We expect to increase production speed into November and December.” Lordstown had stated earlier this year that it would produce 3,000 Endurance electric trucks by the end of 2023.

Lordstown EV Trucks

Lordstown states that the infusion of cash will keep Endurance production going for a few months more, but it is still looking for OEM partners to scale the Endurance. Along with Foxconn, the investment will be used for funding the design and development a new electric vehicle.

The truck’s long-term future is uncertain, especially considering that larger automakers are continuing to release new models for their customers.

While we still have a lot of work ahead, the entire team is eager to deliver the vehicle to our customers. Hightower stated earlier this month that they are excited about the Foxconn’s additional investment and expanded relationship and all the possibilities it offers beyond the first vehicle.

Lordstown Motors sends out its first batch of electric trucks

Lordstown Motors, a commercial electric vehicle startup, has been approved to ship its first batch of models, the Endurance pickup.

Tuesday’s announcement by the company stated that the 500 first trucks of its initial batch were now leaving the plant, having passed safety checks and met certain benchmarks. The company did not say how many pickups were made.

Edward Hightower, president and CEO of the company, said, “I am very proud about the Lordstown Motors team and Foxconn EV Ohio for their hardwork, grit, and tenacity in achieving the milestone.” Although production of the vehicles is slow, the company stated that it would accelerate once supply-chain issues are resolved.

The trucks were made at the former General Motors small car assembly plant in Lordstown, which was acquired by Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group. This is the largest electronic maker in the world. In May, the deal was made official. Foxconn took over manufacturing operations at Lordstown’s plant and employed approximately 400 LMC workers.


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