iPhone 14 Pro Max is great but you should skip it for iPhone 15 Ultra

Its iPhone 14 Pro Max is an excellent phone by any means, and if you’re able to invest the money to purchase your next smartphone it’s an easy suggestion. The 48MP camera upgrade alone is a huge attraction, and Dynamic Island can be a novelty that everyone loves. However, reports about an iPhone 15 Pro Max, or the iPhone 15 Ultra have given us an idea of the new features that might be worth the wait for a further year.

After that iPhone 14 series launch in 2022 The iPhone 15 series rumours started appearing and there are some major modifications expected. The regular iPhone 15 models are getting the Dynamic Island, which is a feature of the Pro models and could also have an USB-C connection. But it is the iPhone 15 Pro Max or iPhone 15 Ultra is what each iPhone enthusiast should be waiting for and here are some reasons why.

iPhone 14 Pro Max is great but you should skip it for iPhone 15 Ultra


Apple is having trouble to meet the demand for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max which means there’s lots that needs to wait until it’s completed. We’re hoping that when Apple released its iPhone 15 Ultra, it will have come up with ways to meet demands. Apple is planning to expand production to other countries, such as India in which the Tata Group is rumoured to be in talks with Wistron in order to purchase their manufacturing facility. There is therefore an opportunity to purchase an iPhone 15 Ultra easily when it goes on sale in the coming year.


The iPhone 14 Pro Max has an impressive set of cameras, particularly its primary camera with 48MP. The phone does have only a 3x telephoto lens that is a bit weak compared to other phones like Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Google Pixel 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. iPhone 15 Ultra iPhone 15 Ultra is now believed to feature the capacity of a 6x or 5x telephoto camera with a periscope lens setup, which will improve the performance of zoom. Furthermore, Apple is also rumoured to have a new kind of Sony sensor that will improve the performance in low light. These are good reasons to hold off for a few more years.


As soon as it comes out, the iPhone 15 Ultra comes out, TSMC could be ready to make 3nm chips, as well. Apple could benefit significantly. A17 Bionic A17 Bionic could make use of the 3nm technology and we can expect further improvements in efficiency and performance. Professional creators will appreciate this chip can be an big impact in the overall performance.


The iPhones have mostly looked the same in the past few years and for people who are upgrading each year, it’s an issue. In the case of iPhone 15 Ultra, rumours suggest that the phone could eliminate the boxy appearance with slightly curved edges similar to how Apple has done with the MacBook Air M2 and MacBook Pro 14-inch. The edges will be curved and Apple might even utilize the Titanium Alloy metal for more durable. It’s a small modification, but enough to cause consumers to keep their fingers crossed.


USB-C connectivity on iPhone is currently the big issue and Apple is likely to bow to the public’s demand. The whole iPhone 15 series could get the USB-C port in standard, but only iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra could take advantage of the USB-C standard that is faster. This would enable for the iPhone 15 Ultra to allow for higher data transfer speeds and enable faster charging via wire.


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