Here is How: Measure Someone height with your New iPhone

Apple has announced that it has added a feature built in Measure. It is a new feature in the Measure app that allows specific iPhone 12 versions to gauge the height of a person just using the camera of the iPhone.

If you own one of the iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max your iPhone has an integrated LiDAR scanner. The LiDAR scanner is utilized to deliver greater, more real Augmented Reality experiences. However, the scanner also offers an entirely new feature for the iPhone’s Measure application.

The liDAR scanner is employed to determine a person’s height simply by standing the phone up to the person.

According to Apple it is believed that its iPhone’s 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will even be able to determine the height of a person when they are sitting in the chair.

Here is How: Measure Someone height with your New iPhone

This feature is available only on Apple devices that have lidar scanners, which includes those with a lidar scanner, such as the iPhone 12 Pro series and 2020 iPad Pro models.

Here’s how to determine height with your iPhone 12 Pro:

Start your Measure app.

Keep the iPhone to ensure that the entire length of the person is within the frame.

In a matter of seconds, you’ll see an outline of a line appearing over the head of the person and the height will appear just below it.

To determine the height of someone, start Measure. Open the Measure app, then point your iPhone towards the person you wish to measure and make sure they’re clearly visible from head to the toe. After a short time the line will appear on top of the head of the individual with their height. You can select to display the measurement in centimeters or feet within the Settings app, in the section Measure – Measure Units.

The application measures a person’s height between the ground to their top hair or the top of their hat. It also measures the height of a person sitting in the chair.

This circular button on the lower right corner lets you take an image of the individual who is taller than you and then share the image with them.

The feature isn’t available for iPhones with no LiDAR Scanner.

Take Measurements of Objects Using Your iPhone

Start Measure. Launch the Measure App (download this here in case it was deleted)

If this is the first time, or you haven’t opened it for some time, you should follow the directions that appear on screen make sure the app is calibrated and to give it a reference frame

If a circle containing dots appears on the screen, you’re ready begin taking measurements.

Make a circle by pointing the dot at the side of the object. Then hit the + button.

Make sure your mobile is moved until it is at the opposite end of the object, then tap the + button again.

The results should be displayed on the screen.

You can also make additional adjustments by shifting the beginning and end points

How to measure a person’s height with Your iPhone

Start the app Measure

Make sure to calibrate the app if needed.

Make sure you point your camera at the subject

The app will identify a person inside your frame. It may be necessary to back off a bit or get closer based on the position you’re in. You’ll also require the person to be facing the direction you are facing.

When it recognizes that there is a person within the photo, the camera will reveal their height. Then, you can hit the shutter button to snap an image using the measurements displayed.


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