Football Manager 2023 Release Date and Platforms

Just in time to the World Cup 2022, the long-awaited Football Manager 2023 has finally arrived and available on selected platforms.

While PC as well as Xbox gamers have been playing FM 23 for several weeks up to now (not to include smartphones and Switch users), PS5 fans have been waiting for the game since the game was delayed by an unexpected delay on the platform.

It’s not a common occurrence but the game is scheduled to release on the next-gen console in the near future. So here’s what we are aware of about FM 23, including any information regarding an PS5 launch date.

What when was Football Manager 2023 release date?

Football Manager 2023 was launched on all platforms on the 8th of November, Tuesday, 2022.

It’s true football manager 2023 will be available today. What are you sitting on? Get out and bring an abundance of joy to the club you choose. The game is available for every platform, but the PS5 version is unfortunately delayed (more on that in the following paragraphs).

How was Football Manager 2023 release time in the UK?

It was reported that the Football Manager 2023 release time for PC as well as Xbox was 11:59 pm on November 8, 2022.

When will when will be the Football Manager 2023 PS5 release date?

It appears that the Football Manager 2023 PS5 release date has been postponed. Unfortunately, no date for release has been set to this PS5 version.

The reason for this is “due to unanticipated complications that occurred in the process of submitting and approvals” According in a statement from the government.

In the same press release, Miles Jacobson, studio director at Sports Interactive, explained that the team working on development has been “devastated to” the delay , and the team will be doing “everything it can to get the game into the players’ PS5 gamers” in the shortest time possible.

What are the new features that Football Manager 2023 offer?

It is expected that Football Manager 2023 will see several new features included in the game. The game will aim to please the game’s enormous fans

The team has also been revamped of recruitment for FIFA 2023. It will now be an integral part of the management, to plan your team and identifying areas that require of improvement.

The Experience Matrix is an addition which divides your participants into 4 categories according to their stage of development emerging, developing experienced, peak.

Agents are engaged in a variety of ways, and there are higher levels of involvement that allow you to prepare for negotiations on contracts.

How Much Will Football Manager 2023 New Cost?

Football Manager 2023£44.99$60
Football Manager 2023 Console£39.99$49.99
Football Manager 2023 TouchTBCTBC
Football Manager 2023 Mobile£9.99$9.99

How do I pre-order Football manager 2023?

From September 8 2022, those who order the game in advance will be able to enjoy 20% off, and a chance to begin their managerial career earlier than everyone else by gaining Early Access. It will only be available on PC and Mac from select SEGA-approved digital retailers.

If you’re wondering how you can order the game in advance, adhere to these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website
  • After the purchase page loads select your game and the platform you would like to play the game.
  • Click to”Add to Basket. “Add to Basket” option.
  • Click”Checkout” and then click on the “Checkout” option and then fill in the details of your payment.
  • You’ve successfully placed an order for a FM2023 copy.

When you’ve placed your order you’ll be granted early access approximately two weeks prior to the launch date. The single-player progression you made during that time will carry over to the game’s final version.

That’s it. That’s all you must be aware of regarding the Football Manager game in 2023. As you are waiting for the game to begin, take a look at our football Manager 2022 guidebooks:

Important FAQs

Q. When will Football Manager 2023 released?

The Football Manager 2023 game was announced on the 8th of November 2022.

Q. What can I do to purchase Football Manager 2023 using an offer code?

You can save up to 8 percent off your Football Manager 2023’s preorders at Fanatical(opens in a new tab).

Q. What platforms will Football Manager 2023 be available on?

Football Manager 2023 will be accessible for download on PC, Mac, smartphone tablet, and console.

It is available through Steam, Epic Games, the Windows Store, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and the Apple Store as well as on the Google Play Store and for the first time, FM will be available on PlayStation in the coming weeks.

Q. How many different versions of Football Manager 2023 are there?

There are four different versions that are available for Football Manager 2023. According to Sports Interactive are…

FM23: The ultimate and unparalleled simulation experience

FM23 Console: streamlined and optimized for gaming on consoles

FM23 Mobile: the quickest method to be at an elite position in the list

FM23 Touch is designed for smooth and effortless progress

Learn more on the FM official FM website(opens in a new tab).


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