ChaiBot The All-In-One Smart Tea Machine

A Kickstarter campaign has launched for the ChaiBot smart-tea maker machine. This machine can brew any type of tea according to your preferences. It allows you to make matcha and chai teas that are richer in flavor and contain 30% more antioxidants, according to its creators. It all comes at the push of a button. Easy self-cleaning system. Tea maker can brew 6 cups per time, four times faster than a kettle. Depending on your preference, you can use fresh ingredients, looseleaf or bagged tea.

ChaiBot smart Tea Maker Machine

Worldwide shipping will occur around March 2023 if the ChaiBot crowdfunding campaign succeeds in raising its pledge goal. The promotional video below explains more about the ChaiBot smart Tea Maker Machine project. The innovative project is now possible with pledges from backers as early as the first bird. These pledges can be purchased starting at $175 (depending on the current exchange rate)

Money doesn’t grow on tea leaves

The price is Chaibot’s main selling point in comparison to other products. Chaibot allows its users to choose what and how they want to brew, whereas Juicero could only squeeze Juicero-branded packets. It weighs in at $175, which is 4x less than Juicero’s price for their wifi-enabled juicer.

Consistency, Consistency and Consistency

Chaibot’s features are designed to make your morning routines as smooth as possible. Simply fill the water tank with your preferred ingredients and heat the kettle to brew. You will get the same quality and consistency as at your local tea shop. It can even be set to clean itself automatically after it has made your tea. This will make it ready for your next cup of tea.

Your tea, your way

Chaibot allows you to mix and match loose and packaged tea bags and disks. This creates a customized – or automated – blend that you can use over and over again. You can brew Tea, Matcha and Chai in less than 2 minutes.

Chaibot is currently available on kickstarter at a $175 early bird rate. It will remain there until December 8th. Although it’s not for everyone, it may be worth considering if you want to elevate your morning cup of tea. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on the pods, unlike Juicero.


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