Apple iPhone 15 To Reportedly Feature A New Sony Camera Sensor For Better Performance

Apple iPhone 15 series smartphones are just a few months from becoming official, however information about the forthcoming flagship models made by the Cupertino-based company are constantly appearing on the web.

In the most recent development we’ve received new details regarding the camera in the iPhone 15 lineup. According to reports, the company will use an entirely new Sony camera sensor, which has not yet been released.

As per the news report of Nikkei, Apple will be using Sony’s most recent “state of the state of the art” camera sensor in the coming iPhone 15 series smartphones. It will increase the saturation signal for each pixel as compared to normal sensors. This allows the sensor to gather more light, thereby cutting the amount of overexposure and underexposure to improve performance.

In Short

Apple might have signed a contract in South Korea with the OIS actuators maker.

Jahwa already manufactures OIS components for Samsung.

The supply is expected to start arriving from the beginning of next year.

There is a rumor that Sony has adopted a semiconductor technology which places transistors and photodiodes in separate layers, making it possible to add more photodiodes. In light of the fact that Apple has tried to make distinct differences between the Pro and non-Pro Pro versions of its phones, it’s not certain whether the camera sensors will only be available only to iPhone 15 Pro models or will be added to the entire range.

The anticipated Apple iPhone 15 series is likely to be an upgrade over the previous models, if leaks and reports are to be taken as a fact. The iPhone 15 is expected to be equipped with a new design that is rounded and could feature an aluminum build. Additionally, the phones are expected to eliminate the proprietary Lightning port to use an USB Type-C connector.

iPhone 15 to use ‘State-of-the art Image Sensor from Sony to Improve Low-Light Performance

In comparison to conventional sensors, Sony’s image sensor is able to double the saturation signal of every pixel, allowing it to gather more light and cut down on overexposure and underexposure. Nikkei claims that it is capable of better capturing the face of a person even with powerful backlighting. This is an instance.

Sony is using a semiconductor design which places transistors and photodiodes separated layers, allowing more photodiodes. It’s not known whether all iPhone 15 models will use the new sensor technology or is it possible that Apple will restrict it to the more expensive “Pro” iPhone 15 models.

As of now there are rumors that claim there is a possibility that iPhone 15 Pro will come with iPhone 15 Pro will have distinct features that are not included in the regular iPhone 15 models, including an upgraded A17 chip, faster USB-C port, more RAM and, most importantly, an the latest Zoom camera technologies.

Apple is currently working on a periscope-telephoto lens that will boost its optical zoom capabilities. It will allow the lens to provide up 10x optical zoom, which will be comparable to Android smartphones currently in the market.


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